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Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc is a group that managing Mineral Processing EPC, Wear-Resistant Rubber, LFC Machinery, and Mining Investment.Xinhai is the first company that provides Mineral Processing EPC in China,and since the establishment, Xinhai has provided more than 500 EPC services for domestic and foreign mines.[For more details]

Xinhai EPC

Equipment Pictures

Gold All Slime Cyanidation CIP Plant

Gold All Slime Cyanidation CIP Plant

Copper Lead and Zinc Concentrator in Peru

Copper Lead and Zinc Concentrator in Peru

【 Mining Machinery Equipment】


Xinhai Wear-Resistant Rubber——China Unique Wear-Resistant Rubber by Liquid Phase

"Xinhai wear-resistant natural rubber by liquid phase has excellent physical properties with wear-resistance, resilience and tear resistance,etc. which fill the gaps in the domestic industry, breaking the monopoly of foreign enterprises in technology and product aspects, thus has great significance to promote scientific and technological progress of rubber industry in China."

------Quoted from Shandong Province Science and Technology Department, Technological Achievements Identification Certificates on Project of Key Technologies and industrialization of Wear Resistant Natural Rubber by Liquid Phase

Xinhai XH35 Rubber Test Report

performance Testing Standard Unit Actual index
Hardness ISO7619-1:2004 Shore A 36
Tensile Strength ISO37:2005 Mpa 24
Breaking Elongation ISO37:2005 760
Tensile Residual Deformation ISO37:2005 4
Tear Strength ISO34-1:2004 N/mm 68
Resilience ISO4662:1986 80
Relative Volume Abrasion ISO4649:2002 mm3 24
Density ISO2781:2007 g/cm3 0.9529

Tailings Dry Stacking—— China's Expert in Tailings Dry Stacking

Moisture content can reduced to 13-18% after tailings dry stacking
Sodium cyanide emissions <=0.5mg/L

【 Advantages of Tailings Dry Stacking 】

Water recycling, reduce water usage and the dosage of sodium cyanide

Adding reagents to neutralize cyanide ions, thus to reduce the emission of liquid cyanide

Tailings dry stacking without any safety hidden troubles as well as save space and cost


Project Name Capacity(t/d) Moisture Content of Dry Tailings Cyanide Emissions (mg/L) Country
ORSHAB GOLD MINE(CIL) 1000 13 0.45 Sudan
ALITIMAD GOLD MINE(CIL) 700 18 0.46 Sudan
KUSH GOLD MINE(CIL) 1500 16 0.48 Sudan
MMG GOLD MINE(CIL) 800 17 0.48 Tanzania
UVERCON GOLD MINE(CIL) 1200 15 0.42 Zimbabwe
PAN AFRICAN GOLD MINE(CIL) 1000 15 0.44 Zimbabwe
SONOR GOLD MINE(CIL) 1200 13 0.45 Mongolia
SSG GOLD MINE(CIL) 1100 15 0.47 Vietnam

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Speech Schedule

Subject Speaker Time
Optimized Mineral Processing Solutions for Your Mine Lizheng October 21, 10:00-10:30
October 22, 15:00-15:30
Innovative Mineral Processing Technology and Equipment Shang Linping October 21, 11:00-11:30
October 22, 14:00-14:30
New Technology and Equipment of All Tailings Paste Filling and Dry Tailings Stacking Quzhi October 21, 14:00-14:30
October 22, 11:00-11:30
Introduction of Eccentric Rotation Magnetic Dry separator Qu Chunlei October 21, 15:00-15:30
October 22, 10:00-10:30

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Level I: Xinhai Equipment Link game Eliminate all equipment within the fixed time.(Tips: the link between two equipment should be less than 2 corners)
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Level III: Xinhai Mineral Processing Plant Puzzle Click the equipment on the right, and then click the corresponding red point on the left, you will win if all equipment and their locations are matched.

Level I: A Permanent Calendar (RMB 28)
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