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Wolframite Mineral Processing

Wolframite Mineral Processing

【Process Introduction】

Wolframite consists of the quartz dyke type ores and veinlet tungsten ores. Dissemination size of ores is relatively coarse, so it is easy to separation. Xinhai wolframite mineral processing is a combined separating technology which mainly use gravity separation. And four stages are involved in this process, roughing, gravity separation, cleaning, and slime treatment.


This production line is especially applied to wolframite ore with an uneven distribution.   

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[Process Description]


In the stage of roughing, Xinhai provides a  method for the wolframite beneficiation plant. That is using vibrating screen  jig in the first stage of fine slime, then going directly to the process of  cleaning.

Gravity Separation

In this stage, Xinhai would always apply the  processing of multistage jig, multistage shaking table and regrind of  middling. That is, after the stage of fine crushing, the qualified mineral  will be classified by vibrating screen and then put into the multistage jig.  After that the jig gravity rough concentrate is produced. The coarse jig  tailings will be reground. The fine jig tailings will be classified by  classifier and then put into multistage shaking table. After that the shaking  table gravity rough concentrate is produced. The tailings will be discharged  into tailings pond. The mineral left on the table will be reground and  concentrated. The gravity sand concentrated by jig and shaking table will be  concentrated in the process of cleaning.


In this stage, Xinhai would always apply  the processing of flotation-gravity technology or flotation-gravity-magnetic  technology, at the same time recycle the accompanying element. In this stage,  by using the process of table flotation of coarse and fine particle fractions  (combination of flotation and shaking table) and floatation, sulphide ores will  be removed. Then the sulphide ore will put to sulfide flotation, and wolframite  ore will be further concentrated through gravity sepatation. If the wolframite  concentrate contains scheelite and cassiterite, the process of  flotation-gravity technology or flotation-gravity-magnetic technology should be  applied to separate out wolframite concentrate, scheelite concentrate and  cassiterite concentrate.

Slime Treatment

Common practice of slime treatment in  Xinhai is as follows. At first, sulfur removal. Then according to the material  property to select separation technology to recycle tungsten, such as gravity  separation, floatation, magnetic separation, electric separation, etc or  combination of several process. At the same time, comprehensive utilization of  associated metal minerals.


Preventative case: One of Xinhai wolframite  project

In that mine, distribution of wolframite is  uneven, and the ores are extremely sliming. The previous plant applied the process  of crushing, gravity separation and cleaning. This kind of process is  defective, which cause the loss of fine tungsten ore, high investment, and even  poor index. In order to promote the condition, they authorize Xinhai to do  technical reconstruction. Xinhai made a study of their ore features and process  and optimized the wolframite mineral processing. By adding slime treatment in  the process, the plant finally reach the ideal beneficiation indexes. Indexes  comparison as follow:

Comparison of ReformationConcentrate Grade β
Concentrate Recovery Rate γ
Before Reformation65.0285.25
After Reformation69.2287.34

Reconstruction completed,it could  obviously  strengthens the recovery of fine particle and reduces the impact of the mud on  the separation process. The recovery index becomes better realizing the comprehensive  recycling of resources.

[ Process Flow ]

Wolframite Mineral Processing

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