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Submerged Slurry Pump

Submerged Slurry Pump
Product Introduction
A submerged slurry pump with high wear resistance
Product Improvement
Impeller is moulded by wear-resistant rubber developed by Xinhai; wear index reaches 128%


  • Resistance to wear and corrosion

  • Small vibration, low noise

  • Firm, durable and long service life

  • Excellent sealing, no leakage

Product Structure

The main components of submerged slurry pump includes impeller, shaft, protective board, pump shell, packing box etc..


Xinhai submerged slurry pump is used in mining, environmental protection, paper industry, refineries, thermal power plant, printing and dyeing, sucking strong liquor, thickened oil, foul liquid, slurry, mortar and floating sludge from city drainage ditch

Technical Parameters

Specification Flow(m3/h) Head(m) Rotation Speed(r/min) Motor Maximum Power(Kw) Maximum Efficiency(%) Impeller Diameter(mm) Outlet Diameter(mm)
40PV-SPR/XH 17.239-39.6 4-26.0 1000-2200 15 40 188 40
60QV-SPR/XH 25.5-105 5.5-30.5 700-1500 30 51 280 65
100RV-SPR/XH 64.8-285 7.5-36 600-1200 75 62 370 100

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