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The function of feeders used in mineral processing

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All kinds of feeders are the important connections in the mineral processing, especially between crushing and grinding stages. There are four kinds of feeders, Pendulum Feeder, Chute Feeder,  Plate Feeder, Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder.

Pendulum Feeder

1、Using Instruction

(1) The installation is finished when the machine is connected under the storage bin

(2)Before working, adding enough lubricant into worm reducer

(3)Before motor started, check the elastic coupling, eccentric wheel and jaw plate

(4)Operation without load after connecting power, then take normal operation

2、Maintenance notes

(1)Check the wear of each flexible part

(2)Guarantee enough lubricant

(3)Stop adjusting when the machine is working

(4)When the machine failed, close the motor first

(5)Keep the inside and outside clean

Chute Feeder

1、Installation and commissioning of chute feeder

Install chute feeder on fixed foundation

2、Routine maintenance of chute feeder

Chute feeder could decline 10°to guarantee the even feeding, and 15°for viscous or high water content materials  

Plate Feeder

1、Features of plate feeder structure

(1) Easy to maintain, convenient to repair and assemble

(2) wear parts are easy to replace

(3)Conveying groove has sufficient rigidity, which can withstand the pressure of material and improve the heat resistance;

(4)Layout of driving device minimize the lateral size of feeder;

(5)The tail tension device is convenient for adjusting and fastening;

(6)Brake device could be installed to prevent the conveyor chain reversal

Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

The operation and maintenance of electromagnetic vibrating feeder

1、Starting and stopping:

Before initial start-up of the electric vibrating machine, potentiometer knob should first be set to "zero", and then set the current gradually to the ratings, so as to avoid the accident burns the control box and coils.

2、Test running:

After the on-site installation and adjustment, the machine should take test running. The amplitude and the current only change copping with difference fluctuation of grid voltage.

3、Productivity adjustment:

Two ways to adjust productivity

(1)Rotate the potentiometer knob of control box to adjust the amplitude

(2)Adjust the opening degree of bin stopper to change the material thickness


Always check the amplitude and current in the operation

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