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Xinhai KYF Air Inflation Flotation Cell with High Quality and Inexpensive

2014-11-25 10:13:23   XinHai   (3906)

KYF air inflation flotation cell is designed referring to Finland Autoquenpu OK floatation cell without slurry suction, which is used combining with XCF flotation cell. They applied as an unit won high efficiency in flotation process.

1、The design principle of KYF air inflation floatation cell

(1) Sufficient air is inflated in floatation tank dispersed into the moderate size of the bubbles in the pulp, which ensure the groove has enough gas - liquid separation interface and increases impact, contact and adhesion opportunity of the mineral particles and bubbles.

(2) Fluid dynamics state produced by impeller-stator system meets the requirements of flotation kinetics, which is good for the formation of coarse mineral and bubbles aggregate and easily floatation. A relatively stable separation zone and foam layer is formed to reduce ore particle falling off.

(3) Impeller stirring power is moderate; the process is fluent; there is no sedimentation sand at the bottom of tank; the coarse ore fully suspends.

(4) The stator should be conducive to changing the rotating flow produced by impeller into radial flow, the formation of micro air bubbles, and reducing energy consumption.

(5) Appropriately increase the slot depth, and prolong the bubble rise distance to increase the impact opportunity of ore particles with bubbles.

(6) Adjustable air inflation volume and simple operation

(7) Start and stop in full load

(8) By controlling the gas, reagents and water, it could easily adjust the liquid level and the flotation process to realize the automation control.

2、How to operate KYF flotation cell?

(1) Operation according to the product quantity and quality requirements

(2) Operation according to the change of ore properties

(3) Keep the flotation process stable, because the flotation index depends on the floatation process.

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