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Spiral Chute Washer

Spiral Chute Washer
A mineral washer used for mechanical classification according to the different settling rates of solid particles with different specific gravity in the liquids.
Effective Volume
Product Improvement
Xinhai can customize the spiral chute washer according to the actual working conditions and customer requirements.


  • Xinhai spiral chute washer has the characteristics of simple structure, easy installation, low power consumption, easy operation, low manufacturing cost and good desliming effect. Under the agitation of double-row blades on the screw shaft of the washer, the ore cemented by the clay can achieve the slime separation with the good desliming effect.

Product Structure

High Efficiency Agitator Washer

The double spiral chute washer is composed of a tank body, left and right spiral blade shaft and transmission device. The motor drives the two spiral shafts to produce the relative rotation through the reducer, big and small gears. The blades on the spiral shafts are stagger installation. The material is fed from the lower part of the tank body into the middle of two spiral shafts. The mud mass and the ore particles adhering to the surface of the mud are washed by the high-pressure water fed from the upper part of the tank body according to the blade rubbing and scrubbing, so that the ore mud can be broken and the ore particles are separated. The washed fine mud is discharged by the overflow outlet that installed at the back of the tank body, and the scrubbed ore is transported to the ore outlet at the front of the tank through the rotating spiral blade shaft, and then discharge.

Successful case

High Efficiency Agitator Washer

In an iron and phosphorus polymetallic ore dressing project, there were a lot of mud on the surface of ore, which interfered with the separation and purification of apatite, magnetite and other minerals. For this reason, Xinhai used the spiral chute washer to wash and desilt the minerals. Finally, the desliming effect was remarkable, which effectively ensured the separation and purification of minerals.

Technical Parameters

Model Lengthe of body(mm) Width of body(mm) Production capacity(t/h) Feed size(mm) Inclination Pitch(mm) Motor Weight(kg)
Model Power(kW)
CXK1566 6660 1500 35-40 <75 10.84° 300 Y200L2-6 22 15800
CXK1676 7630 1600 40-50 10° Y250M-6 37 17168

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