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Xinhai hydrocyclone group combines two impossible advantages

2015-01-28 11:50:07   XinHai   (3671)

Xinhai hydrocyclone unit gvimproved by so many professional experts combines two impossible advantages --- large processing capacity and high classification level.

Why these two functions are difficult to realize at the same time, because the smaller the hydrocyclone diameter is, the finer the classification is. This means that one hydrocyclone hardly incorporates two qualities-----large processing capacity and high classification level.

In fact, some large scale mining operations demands both large processing capacity and high classification level. This demand can be met by a group of hydrocyclone in parallel or series connection. We provide a variety of hydrocyclone of different quantity and model. The liner of hydrocyclone is made of Xinhai rubber which is patented and manufactured by Xinhai company. Many other significant and vulnerable parts are covered with Xinhai rubber too. So the service life is greatly extended.

Each cyclone feed opening of cyclone unit is installed Knife gate valve developed by Xinhai. The Knife gate valve with reliable operation and no resistance is very small reducing diameter of the cyclone unit.

According to plentiful practice and theories, Xinhai Company has established a large Xinhai wear - resistant hydrocyclone application database, and thus designed hydrocyclone calculation selection software. This software will help you choose the best hydrocyclone or hydrocyclone unit, and recommend reasonable feeding pressure and pipe size etc..

In the early stage of project, customers need to initially select hydrocyclone specifications to estimate investment or analyze project. So the fast preliminary selection is particularly important. Xinhai published a hydrocyclone rapid selection chart to help customer solve this problem.

Xinhai also welcomes customers to share their own opinions about hydrocyclone, which will help both sides to improve.

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