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Guide Book of all kinds of crushers

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The crushers below are widely used in mineral processing industry. The more users know them, the higher efficiency they bring.

1. The notes of Jaw crusher installation

(1)The jaw crusher should be stalled in concrete foundation because of large vibration. In order to reduce the vibration and noise, users should put hardwood backing plate, rubber band or other damping materials between crusher and concrete foundation.

(2)The discharge trough of foundation should be laid a metal plate and owns enough inclination angle (depending on flow ability of materials, above 50°) for efficiently discharging the crushed product.

(3) The size of discharge opening should be adjusted according to particle size of product.

Notes of zero load test running

(1)The bearings temperature rising does not exceed 30℃ in the 2 hours running of jaw crusher

(2)Fixing all fasteners of jaw crusher

(3)The flywheel and wheel is running smoothly.

(4)All friction parts without scratches, crumbing, grinding and abnormal noise

(5)The adjustment device could control the adjustment range of discharge outlet

2. The classification of hammer crusher

The kinds of hammer crusher includes single stage hammer crusher, efficient hammer crusher, sand machine, vertical shaft hammer crusher, reversible hammer crusher and ring hammer crusher.

The notes of Hammer crusher installation

(1)Stop the equipment in case of emergency fault in operation

(2)Electrical personal should be responsible for handing fault of equipment.

(3)When entering the internal of machine to inspect, personals must pull off the power and hanging on the maintenance sign.

(4)All safety devices must be complete and firm. When contact signal and communication equipment fail, workers cannot start crusher.

3. The notes of operation and maintenance of cone crusher

(1)A general check before starting the machine

(2)Starting the machine according to the operation rules

(3)Check in operation

(4)When the room temperature is below 0 degree, workers should drain the water seal device and cooling water pipe for protecting the water pipes after stopping the machine.

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