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Close to Africa Free Trade Area, Xinhai Mining Contributes to Africa Mining Industry.

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On July 7th, the Africa free trade area (AfCFTA) established on the 12th African union special summit on the African continent free trade area (afta) in Niger’s capital, Nigeria. Till now, 52 members in Africa Union signed the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.

The establishment of Africa free trade area is both chances and challenges. This area contents all the 55 countries in Africa Union, the total population up to 1.2 billion. The market is highly fragmentization, and the proportion of commerce inner district is low. So Africa free trade area is hopely to be the biggest free trade area all over the world. The establishment of Africa free trade area will reduce taxes, eliminate the trade barriers, and realize the free stream of commodity, services and capital, in order to enlarge the commerce scale, and reduce the commerce cost. It has significant sense for stimulating the inner market in Africa, accelerate the industry structure optimization between countries in Africa, and promote the economy transformation in Africa. Of course, there are many problems in the construction of AfCFTA. There are large differences in nations, regions, natural resources, and economy development among all the countries in Africa. Most of countries still don’t have complete transport facilities, lack of basic facilities. It is a long way to go in giving full play to the stimulation of district economy and integration effect. However, generally, there are more chances than challenges. The Africa continental is full of potential.


For China, Africa and China are fair weather friends. Through the ages, Africa and China have a friendly relationship and cooperation with board prospects. Comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between Africa and China has potential in development. The establishment of AfCFTA creates more commerce chances for both sides. For example, mine industry and related products are the polar industry for many Africa countries for rich in mine resources. Limited by economy conditions and development level of mine industry, the main export product is primary product such as mining product, which is not advantage for the sustainable development of Africa in the long run. The bigger market of AfCFTA will absorb more and more Chinese enterprise to Africa, help Africa countries solving development issues in mine industry, and stimulating the mine development of Africa district.

Pointed at the characteristic of Africa mine industry, Xinhai Mining, which deeply rooted in Africa market, put forward Mineral Processing EPC+M+O service.Mineral Processing EPC+M+O service is also the one-stop customized mineral processing plant service containing design and research – all set of equipment manufacturing and purchasing – commission and delivery – mine management – mine operation. This mineral processing mode solves the bottleneck problem which limited the development of Africa mine industry.

Mineral Processing EPC+M+O service

Problem 1:
The mine equipment fall behind in Africa. The mine industry has a poor basic, lack of talents and a low level of management.

Xinhai Scheme:
The quintessence of Mineral Processing EPC+M+O service from Xinhai Mining is the one-stop customized mineral processing service, containing all the part of modern mine enterprise construction, considering all the link of mineral processing plant service project more comprehensively and detailed. Not only provide customers with high efficiency and energy saving of mineral processing equipment, advanced and practical technology, complete professional production line configuration and high quality good housekeeper type service, also built for the customer the late construction management and operation management of concentrator, in ore dressing technology and equipment of service for the customer at the same time, to satisfy the customer to the budget, the requirement of mineral processing index and economic benefit, all assignments entrusted Xinhai Mining to undertake, avoids the problem such as shuffle the dispute of each link, effectively control the overall project schedule, cost and quality, enable customers to fully secure.

mineral processing

Problem 2:
Most countries in Africa has a large cost in concrete construction, a low efficiency and a weak construction technology, the construction level can’t match the high request of construction basic.

Xinhai Scheme:
Therefore, Xinhai Mining insists on selecting a mine design that conforms to the actual conditions of the plant selection project for every mine in Africa. In addition to the conventional design of concentrator, Xinhai Mining can be customized according to the selected factory situation portable concentrator design, 3 d design of concentrator, box-type design of concentrator and sectional steel mill production line design, can be above the surface of various ore bin, reinforced concrete pool, platform, equipment support, hopper, chute designed and manufactured into modular steel structured, facilitate flexible assembly at the scene of the mine, both to reduce the workload of civil engineering and construction time, and reduce the investment, easy disassembly and moving.

mine design

Problem 3:
Africa area is lack of water resource, and there are many reagents in tailings from mineral processing plant, which is easily cause environment pollution.

Xinhai Scheme:
According to the specific mineral processing condition in Africa area, Xinhai Mining will improve responsibly, such as using energy saving ball mill and advanced mineral processing technology to solve the problem of energy consumption. The use of mature and complete tailings dry discharge technology, to achieve the separation of water and tailings, on the one hand to recycle water resources, on the other hand to make the cyanide compounds solidified in the tailings, easy to centralized processing, solve the two major problems, fundamentally help African separation plants to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction.

energy saving ball mill

Along the way, xinhai ore dressing has left its own footprint in many African countries, and the normal operation of several concentrator projects also perfectly proves xinhai ore dressing’s excellent ore dressing strength.

In 2012, Tanzania 1200tpd gold processing plant

Tanzania 1200tpd gold processing plant

In 2014, Africa 200tpd gold CIL plant

Africa 200tpd gold CIL plant

In 2014, Tanzania 600tpd gold processing plant

Tanzania 600tpd gold processing plant

In 2015, Africa 700tpd gold processing plant

Africa 700tpd gold processing plant

In 2015, Tanzania 150tpd gold processing plant

Tanzania 150tpd gold processing plant

In 2018, Guinea 8000tpd gold processing plant

Guinea 8000tpd gold processing plant

In 2018, Uganda 720tpd phosphorite

Uganda 720tpd phosphorite

In 2019, Morocco 500tpd silver processing plant

Morocco 500tpd silver processing plant

The establishment of the African free trade area (AfCFTA) will not only help boost the economic development of the African region, but also add new vitality and open up new prospects for china-Africa cooperation. China will continue to synergize the “One Belt And One Road” initiative with the building of the free trade area on the African continent and the process of Africa’s integration, and work for a closer community of Shared interests and Shared future with African countries for common development. In the future, Xinhai mining will continue to respond to the “One Belt And One Road” initiative to promote the sustainable development of mining in African countries.

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