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How Many Gold Separation Equipment You Know?

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Thanks to the weathering, raw gold ore exposed in the  air can be crushed gradually into gold particles and cuttings. With the help of  external force, minerals with heavier particles are enriched in hillside, bed,  and lake shore. Once those settlings have mining valve, they become placer  gold. Placer gold beneficiation working is classified into preparing work and  separating work. Now, common placer gold beneficiation equipment is briefly  introduced. 

Placer gold has coarser spare particles  and good dissociation. Usually, high coarse concentrate is achieved by  crushing, desliming, and then gravity separating. Minerals whose particles are  more than 100mm exist in mined placer gold. Before separating, those coarse  minerals should be crushed, and in case gold included in them are lost to  tailings. Meanwhile, a part of gold is adsorpted in rock with coarse particle  sizes. During the crushing process, this part of gold should be separated down  to improve gold recovery rate. There are rare fine minerals containing gold. It  is difficult in recovery. However, slurry of those fine minerals has heavy  influence on later gravity separating, and fine slurry should be removed in preparing  work. Placer gold beneficiation equipment used in preparing work is cylindrical  screen and flat screen. Crushing and desliming are achieved by vibration of  water and screen shaft. In separating work, commonly used equipment is shaking  table, jig, spiral chute, and spiral concentrator. Minerals are separated and  enriched according to differences of particle sizes, shapes, and weight. There are  three methods of processing coarser minerals achieved by gravity separating.  First one is gold is washed out by pans, and then, heavy sand is abandoned.  Second one is HG is mixed by amalgamation barrel to achieve amalgam, and then,  heavy sand is abandoned. And last one is when gold is achieved by washing or  mixing GH, heavy sand is sent to refining plant. Methods of magnetic separating  and electrical separating are used to recovery kinds of heavy sand minerals.

Xinhai has a gold separating research team  with the most experience in domestic. At the same time, Xinhai focuses on  products optimization and improvement.

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