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Copper Mining Process Equipment Price

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In copper beneficiation solutions, copper mining process equipment price is related to its type, specification, and minerals to be processed. Among these factors, the type of mienral is the key of  chossing the most suitable equipment. To make sure copper mining process equipment type and specification, the quality and type of copper should be studied. Taking example of copper in Dexing, Jiangxi, it is a kind of porphyry copper deposit. And according to different mineral quality and containing properties, it is devided into two types, altered phyllite and altered granodiorite. It also can be devided into thin vein and disseminated structure, according to various structures. There is much oxisized ore and mixed ore in the upper and surrounding of ore. The content of copper in raw mineral is 0.5%, sulfur 2%, molybdenum 0.01%, gold 0.235g/t. The composition of ore is simple, and the mainly useful minerals are pyrite, chalcopyrite, and chalcocite. Then there are chalcocite, bornite, and sphalerite. Nonmetallic mienrals are quartz, sericite, chlorite, epidote, and kaolin.

From the mineral quality above, we can infer that this part of ore has lower hardness, which is easily crushed and grinded. Therefore, this kind of copper mining process equipment price is a litttle lower. However, the advantage of easy grinding leads to high content of sludge, which needs to be deslimed. Copper mining process equipment price should be increased to ensure the desliming effect. he particle size distribution is 0.003~0.4mm, and more coarse particles. When minerals are grinded to 0.14mm, degree of monomer separation reaches more than 80%. Since part of minerals need finer grinding to reach higher degree of monomer separation. This kind of ore belongs to uneven dissemination. Only fine grinding is operated can better beneficiation index be reached. Besides, desliming equipment should be added to process much sludge in raw mineral.

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