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Determination of the Order of Flotation Method for Lead and Zinc Ore

2016-03-09 10:39:11   XinHai   (2625)

When the material to be process by the flotation contains  many kinds of components to be recovered, it needs to base on the floating  property and the symbiotic relationship to determine the order of the different  components to get the products separately. In the production, the flotation  process is usually used preferentially in the lead and zinc ore. The following  will introduce it simply.

In the practical production, by the different beneficiation  order, the processes to be adopted can be divided into four categories that are  preferential flotation process, mixed flotation process, partial flotation  process and equal flotation process. Preferential flotation process means a  process that every component to be recovered in the material will float one by  one and then pre-recovery component rich in one will be got finally. Mixed  flotation process refers to that all the components in the material will be  floated together and the intermediate products having been got will separated  by the flotation. Partial flotation process indicates a process that partial  components in the material will be recovered firstly and the rest will be  inhibited as well as other components to be recovered will be floated. While  equal flotation process means a process that the components to be recovered  with similar floatability will be floated together and then separated finally,  which is suitable to process the material with components which are partially  difficult to float and partially easy to float.

Among the beneficiation orders of the lead and zinc  flotation methods, the preferential flotation process is adopted firstly. By  the different floatability of the lead and zinc, the lead concentrate with good  floatability will be floated firstly and then the zinc concentrate with poor floatability  will be floated. Preferential flotation process is suitable for the ore with  gangue dotted with less coarse particles. Before determining the mineral  flotation order, the techniques of Xinhai ore dressing institute will make a  analysis on the sample and put forward reasonable beneficiation process by the  beneficiation report. The practice shows that the beneficiation process is  advanced and practical which has won the trust of our customers.

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