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Indispensable Flotation Machine Impeller Cover

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As a key component of mechanical flotation  machine, impeller plays an important role of mixing, slurry circulating, and  inhaled and air dispersion. Impeller design decides the ability of suspending,  the capability of air dispersion, midge capacity, power consumption and surface  stability. And most impeller adopts the design of semi-closed impeller,  therefore, in order to maintain the closed nature of the slurry flow, and to  maintain a large negative pressure, the cover should be set above the impeller.  Next, here is a brief introduction of the flotation machine impeller cover.

The role of flotation machine impeller  cover is that it can keep closed pulp flow of the path, maintain a large  negative pressure, which does more convenient for sucking air and pulp from  middle of the top of the cover into the pulp chamber. When the mechanical flotation  machine is in downtime, the impeller cover avoids the flotation machine from  being "crushed", and stop the ore settling into the impeller. There  must be a suitable clearance between the impeller and the cover, in order to  maintain adequate sealing, the gap value need to be determined by experiment.  During operation, if the single impeller - cover system flotation machine is  adopted, near the central position of the impeller blades, it adds a number of  perforations, whose purpose is that they can lead the slurry from the tank onto  the impeller, increase the quantity at best. As for the self-absorption pulp  flotation machine, in order to facilitate the flotation process of lead the  slurry onto the impeller from the different inhalation inlets. A few slurry  inlets are set up in the chamber. In the upper of the chamber, the slurry inlet  pipe should be set separately to enable the air to get into the chamber.

Xinhai Mining Machinery Company has a  variety of production of flotation machine with complete specifications.  Flotation machine impeller cover as a key component of the mechanical flotation  machine, wear has some improvement to be done. Xinhai take use of  wear-resistant rubber material as the materials, which increase the life span  of the flotation machine impeller cover significantly. In practical  application, it has been widely recognized by customers.

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