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How to Calculate the Capacity of the Thickener2015-09-14 16:13:06

Widely used in the factory of metallurgic, mining, coal and so on. Thickener can increase the concentration of solid particles, and after the settling work, the overflow can meet the requirements to b

Xinhai - To Choose Your Models and Specifications of Ball Mill2015-09-11 10:32:00

Xin hai could provide various types: MQG wet grid ball mill, MQY overflow ball mill, MQGg wet energy-saving grid ball mill, MQYg wet energy-saving overflow ball mill, GZMg wet cone grid ball mill, GZM

Xinhai Provides Rubber Liner of Ball Mill2015-09-10 12:26:11

Compared with the traditional alloy plate, the rubber ball mill lining board being popularized has many advantages. Alloy plate has problems like time-consuming, complicated installation, replacemen

Types of Thickeners2015-09-09 19:45:04

In general, thickening equipment is applied to finish the work of concentrating and tailings dewatering before filtration.

Principles of Center Transmission Thickening Scraper2015-09-08 10:18:59

The rake-type thickener is widely used in mining, metallurgy, sewage treatment, chemical industry. It has the weakness of large cover and big size. While it has the strengths of large capacity, high c

Xinhai Thickeners’ brand: What You Need is What We Can Do2015-09-06 09:54:39

With the development of science and technology, more and more equipment manufacturers are beginning to produce thickeners. Although there are multiple kinds of thickeners’ brands nowadays, Yantai Xinh

Application and Maintenance of Thickener in Concentration Plant2015-09-02 11:00:01

As one of dehydrating machines, thickener commonly used for concentrating or dehydrating before filtering. It also could be used as machines to concentrate and purify coal, chemical, building material

Three Motions of Steel Ball in Beneficiation2015-09-01 09:21:06

Generally, we can’t notice the motion of the steel ball of beneficiation mill at the scene. Studies have shown that there are three motions of steel ball, namely, the fall-diarrhea, Paola and centrifu

Analysis Characteristics of Mining Machinery in International Market Development2015-08-28 09:30:31

The condition of mining machinery in international market has a direct impact on the domestic market, the following contents is the general characteristics of the mining machinery in international mar

Seven Questions of Ore Dressing Common Sense2015-08-27 10:25:27

Most people are likely unfamiliar with mineral processing. The reason why I think so is that I have often encountered many people asking me some very basic questions about it. I have roughly sort out

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