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Xinhai wear-resistant rubber protects your mining machine2014-12-18 15:36:16

Xinhai wear-resistant rubber is widely used in mining machinery as linear. It protects mining machine from wearing, corrosion and impact. In this passage, Xinhai will tell you some information when yo

Working principle of Xinhai flocculants system and NC reagent feeder2014-12-17 12:24:43

Flocculants system and NC reagent Feeder are used for feeding flocculants and reagents to thickener or floatation cells. The suitable volume and right kind of flocculants and reagents will bring excel

Assistant instruments in mineral processing2014-12-16 11:43:01

In mineral processing, there are so many assistant instruments except for main large mineral processing equipment, such as electromagnetic iron remover, electronic belt scale, pipeline sampler, and so

Connector and transporter in mineral processing---belt conveyer2014-12-15 13:56:24

Belt conveyor is used to connect remote mining equipment. Ore is transported to the place it should go to by all kinds of conveyors according to different situation. The belt conveyor is the most norm

Excellent performance of Xinhai belt feeder and disc feeder2014-12-12 14:37:28

Belt feeder and disc feeder belong to feeding equipment of mining processing. They are used to feed the materials from last link to the next link. Xinhai belt feeder and disc feeder own excellent

The function of feeders used in mineral processing2014-12-11 12:01:46

All kinds of feeders are the important connections in the mineral processing, especially between crushing and grinding stages. There are four kinds of feeders, Pendulum Feeder, Chute Feeder,

The key links of CIP gold processing--- gold loaded carbon desorption and washing2014-12-09 11:04:23

Gold CIP production line process is the use of activated carbon adsorbing gold directly from cyanide pulp, including leaching slurry preparation, cyanide leaching,

The equipment you need to know in CIP process2014-12-08 17:21:05

leaching agitation tank, air lifter and carbon screen are widely used in gold CIP process. Xinhai will introduce them for you to know more about CIP process, the most popular technology for gold proce

The common faults and causes of ceramic filter2014-12-05 11:35:55

The factors affect ceramic filter including ceramic plate pickling and fault time. Therefore, we must reduce the fault time to improve the operation rate. Xinhai finds out the most essential causes fo

What are the features of vacuum filter and filter press from Xinhai news2014-12-04 13:59:53

Even and reasonable distribution of dewatering holes, ribs with large size made of high strength engineering plastic prolong the service life by 1-1.5 times

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